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Why Shop at the Nest

Quality is Guaranteed!

We love little peeps! We built a beautiful nest where moms and dads find the highest quality children’s items at prices they’ll love. Kids are welcome to play in the Nest Neighborhood while mom and dad find new and gently used clothing and furnishings. You’ll find items for kids 0 to age 8 along with homemade items, gifts, and gift baskets. All donations are triple-checked for stains, tears, and damage to ensure that only new and nearly new merchandise makes it to the sales floor. 

Giving Back to the Community

When you shop at The Nest, you benefit from a local mission that provides services and care to young moms in need throughout Pittsburgh. The Nest provides resume-building internships to young women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Any items that do not meet the "Nest Quality" standard are put to good use. We carefully choose missions and donate clothing and furnishings to meet the needs in other parts of the world.

Our Mission

We love to give back. Our mission is to provide the highest quality children’s clothing and furnishings at affordable prices. We do this to benefit our community.

The Nest is a project of Women’s Choice Network (WCN), a network of pregnancy resource centers for single moms facing unexpected pregnancies. Clients enrolled in WCN’s Life Support programs earn Nest gift cards good for clothing and furnishings through
pre-natal, post-natal, and “Doctor Dad” Life Support programs.

All proceeds from The Nest sales benefit the Life Support programming. Eligible moms may also apply for internships with The Nest to gain resume-building work experiences in marketing, retail sales, and merchandising.

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