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  • Each box is curated specifically for your little peep! The answers provided on the Style quiz help us know what items to select for your Little Birdie Box. Every Little Birdie Box has 6-10 items, depending on the size and thickness of the individual pieces of clothing.


    We hope your little peep loves every item in their box! If that is not the case, we strongly encourage passing along those items so the clothes can still be used and cherished by another child!


    By purchasing a Little Birdie Box, you are supporting a local mission that provides services and care to young moms in need throughout Pittsburgh. 

    Little Birdie Box

    • We understand that sometimes, you may receive items in your box that don't quite meet your expectations in terms of size or style preference. To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer an in-store exchange policy for such situations.

      • Eligibility for Exchanges:
        • Exchanges are applicable for size or style preference issues only.
        • Exchanges must be made within 60 days of receiving your box.
      • In-Store Exchange Only:
        • Exchanges can only be made in-store at The Nest.
        • We do not accept exchanges by mail or through any other channel.
      • Exchange Process:
        • Come to The Nest during our hours of operation
        • Present the items you wish to exchange, along with the proof of purchase, to a store associate.
        • The store associate will assess the condition of the items and verify the eligibility for exchange.
        • If the items meet the exchange criteria, you can will be permitted to shop and find an item that is better suited to your little peep.
      • Refunds and Cash Returns:
        • Little Birdie Box does not offer full refunds or cash returns.
        • Exchanges are the only form of compensation available for items not meeting your size or style preferences.

      Why are there no returns?

      The nest offers new and nearly new clothing for little peeps. Our missional goal is to repurpose clothing items so that they can be cherished again by a new family and child. We encourage all shoppers to pass along unwanted clothes or make in-store exchanges at The Nest. We feel this method reduces waste and provides an opportunity to bless others with what you are unable to use. 

      Purchasing Agreement:

      By purchasing a Little Birdie Box from The Nest, I understand that The Nest sells new and nearly new clothing and furnishings for children and that the items I receive may have been used and cherished by a previous owner. 

      By purchasing a Little Birdie Box from The Nest, I understand that if I am dissatisfied with any of the items in my Little Birdie Box, The Nest only offers in-store exchanges for the clothing items within my Little Birdie Box.

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