Frequently Asked Questions 

You Asked, We Answered

Is The Nest a kid's consignment store?

We are not a consignment shop but rather a store that accepts freely donated items (both new and nearly new). In other words, we do not offer store credit for donated or returned items.

Do you sell gift cards in-store or online?

Yes! At this time we offer physical Gift Cards in-store and eGift Cards online.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! At this time we offer a punch card where you receive one punch for every $10 spent. Once you fill your punch card (12 punches) you will receive $20 off your next in-store purchase.

Do you offer grab-and-go baby showers or birthday gifts?

Yes, we have gift baskets that are perfect if you're low on time and in a rush to get a gift. Each gift basket is $50, plus tax.

What sizes do you sell?

Newborn up to size 8/10.

What are your store hours?


11:30 to 5:30pm


11:00 to 3:00pm

Are there any new clothes available at The Nest?

Absolutely! We do receive new clothes as donations from time to time. If the clothes are new we leave the original tags on for your convenience and easy identification.

Can I bring my old clothes to The Nest to donate?

Absolutely! Please click here for a full description of how to donate clothes and our criteria.

Can I return items?

The short answer is, no. All sales are finally which is stated on every receipt, but you can choose to re-donate unwanted items.

Do you have any annual sales?

Yes, we actually have two seasonal sales in August and February. These sales are our $10 Bag Sales, where you can fill up an entire bag for ten dollars! On average each filled bag is $40 worth of clothes.

Do you offer anything besides clothing?

Yes, we offer a variety of baby gear/equipment (ex. Strollers, changing tables, high chairs, and pack & plays) and handmade items. 

What is your affiliation with the Women's Choice Network?

The Nest was created not only for Women's Choice Network clients but for the local community and greater Pittsburgh area.